Weekly Update #2

Well this is the belated weekly update, sorry it took to long.  Well there is only really one thing I want to tell you all about.  I have been watching a lot of Nerf videos on Youtube and all those videos inspired me to make a Nerf movie.  So if all goes well I could finish it by the end of the year.  So I will keep you posted on that.  Until then,

Watch this space.

One thought on “Weekly Update #2

  1. Hey Daniel,
    I got 2 nerf guns for my birthday, and they are: The Praxis (Vortex) and the Longstrike (Whiteout series) I also got $160 and spent $56 on the Longstrike.
    Keep a look out for my birthday post coming out soon and my Top 10 Nerf guns from 2012!
    Your friend, Daniel

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