Weekly Update #3

Hello everyone I am still here I just haven’t got around to checking my blog.  I hope you all had a good Christmas,  let me know what your favourite gifts were in the comments.  Mine are:

1.  Nerf Dart Tag Beginners set

2. Nerf Speedswarm

3.  iPod Dock and CD player

I have finally got myself back into Nerf and Minecraft.  On Minecraft I invented a brand new  reloading cannon I am just tweaking it currently.  With my Youtube videos they will currently be put on hold for now because I have no idea what to do, but I want it to have something to do with Nerf or Minecraft.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you  think I should do.

This Daniel signing off…for now.

Weekly Update #2

Well this is the belated weekly update, sorry it took to long.  Well there is only really one thing I want to tell you all about.  I have been watching a lot of Nerf videos on Youtube and all those videos inspired me to make a Nerf movie.  So if all goes well I could finish it by the end of the year.  So I will keep you posted on that.  Until then,

Watch this space.


Just recently at my school we had our speech competition.  We did our class one first,  I didn’t make it to the final though.  I did my speech on ‘My experiences of another Culture’, so I talked about my time in Tonga.  I liked how my PowerPoint went, but I would have tried to do better with rehearsing.  If I was to mark myself I would give myself a 7/10. 

 So tell me how your speeches went and what you would mark yourself.

Watch his space

My Goals

So far this term I have achieved 1 goal.  That is t get 100% on a basic facts test.  So I have to get one new goal to add to my list of goals.  So my new goal is to finish all of my tasks by Wednesday.  The weekly update will come out tomorrow.

Watch this space

My Strong and weak areas in Maths

Well this week for one of our tasks we have to say what our 5 strongest areas in maths and some of your weaker areas.  Here are mine.

1. Under fractions comes fractions, proportions, ratios, decimals and percentages.

2. Under area comes area, perimeter and volume.

3. Under addition and subtraction comes numbers, fractions and decimals.

4. Under names of shapes comes vertices, edges, faces, sides and parts of a circle.

5. Under measurement comes conversion between units, reflection, translation, rotation.

My weaker areas are multiplying and dividing fractions.

So there are my strong and weak areas in Maths.

Watch this space.

Weekly Update #1

Hey guys, so this is going to be a new thing I am going to start doing and as you can see it is called a Weekly Update.  So basically what it is I’m going to tell what’s going on with my blog, we can discuss stuff, and all my answers to your questions will now be in the latest weekly update.  I will also announce all contests on the weekly update  So lets get started.

So as you can see I have changed the layout of my blog.  What do you guys think?  Also if you see ‘Ginger Powder’ all over my blog that is my new nickname given to me by one of my friends.  In case you didn’t know I have ginger hair hence the name “Ginger Powder’.  I am also trying to start to make youtube videos.  But I can’t post them until I learn how to shrink them.  So my videos will be on my blog when I make them.

So that wraps up this weeks update.  I will now put a question out there.  What do you think I should for a challenge to put on my blog?  So remember to,

Watch this space

What I learned this week

This week at school for one of our tasks we had to say what we learned this week. So I learned how to cut the template for a sports bag which is what we are making at Tech currently.  I think next week we are going to start sewing it together.  I also learnt that Star Wars is based on the story of the Roman Empire, also did you know that they are making Star Wars Episode 7.  But that comes out in 2015.  So what did you learn this week?

What this space.